The lottery service phones do not stop ringing. It is because many New Zealand players are flooding it with calls as they are struggling to buy tickets. It happened after all NZ Lotto stores were closed following the national Alert Level 4 lockdown. Of course, fewer ticket sales would mean that the lottery prizes will be smaller than the usual.

Lockdown Shuts Down All Lottery Store Sales

During the national shutdown, all Lotto shops and counters will not be available, even if the store is open. On the other hand, New Zealand players will be able to purchase tickets online. Also, lottery draws will continue as usual. Therefore, a lot of players who usually buy their tickets from stores are now rushing to the phone or the online website to create an account so they can continue enjoying the NZ lotto experience.

The television draws are no longer available. It is to allow the employees to remain home during the lockdown. Instead, a computer will draw the lucky numbers for the Strike, Powerball and Lotto. Up until before the lockdown, the NZ lotto sold 75% of its tickets in stores. These numbers are according to Marie Winfield, the head of communications of Lotto NZ. She also added that it is likely that they will witness a drop in the sales, but so far, it is still early to estimate how severe that decline will be.

NZ Lotto Prizes Will Also Witness a Decrease

Marie Winfield also added that the amount of jackpots depends on ticket sales. Therefore, the maximum prizes will also suffer a decrease. On the other hand, they will take it one Lotto Draw at a time. Once they see the upcoming draws, they will have a better idea of the impact of the sales on the jackpot amounts. She added that the workers who help customers register via phone or online are suffering from high demand.

Marie Winfield apologized to everyone who is struggling with creating an account, as the volume of phone calls is tremendous. She added that customers could go online and register alone without the help of an operator. It is a significant change for everyone, and they understand that the sales will be lower than the usual. On the other hand, they are sure that there will be a lot of more people using the online section of the NZ lotto than before.

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